Research and Development

Installing Promethean ActivInspire

This article is part of Interactive whiteboard software testing series.

From this software trio, Promethean offers perhaps the most sophisticated method for delivering their software. ActivInspire can be installed through Promethean's own Ubuntu repository providing all the needed deb -packages needed to run. The biggest problem in the installation was finding the actual software package. In the end I realised that the information for linux was only available on the English version of the site. If selected your language as Finnish, the information page was empty.

Installation was done but adding Promethean key and repository information.

Next the program was installed simply by clicking the activ-meta -package in Synaptic or by using apt on command line.

sudo apt-get install activ-meta-fi

After the installation, user was asked to logout and login after which the software could be started.

-Antti Sokero